Nova Energy and Automation

We are an independent manufacturer of equipment and components needed for the proper installation of medical imaging equipment.  Our focus is on low cost, engineered solutions.  Our design and manufacturing is located in southeastern Wisconsin and is ready to support your project at every level.  We take pride in our ability to design and deliver products that will contribute to trouble free installations for our customers.  

With over 50 years of automation and design experience, Nova Energy & Automation is committed to setting the standard in safely and effectively delivering power to medical imaging equipment.

Knowledgeable support personnel - Our engineers have worked on thousands of medical imaging installations and are available to help you with all of your project questions.  From concept, design, bidding, field installation, trouble shooting and final approvals we are your partner and are here help. 

Availability - Medical imaging installations are our business; we understand that these projects happen fast and cannot be delayed due to long lead times.  We have built our product offering with urgency in mind and many of our products are available to ship immediately.

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