80 Amp 480V Panel Buffered Under Voltage
Catalog #NEA-43080-4W-UV24DC-BUF-HC-N
 80 Amp 480V Panel Buffered Under Voltage
Total no of product in stock 1
Voltage 480 VAC
Amps 80
Warranty 1 year factory warranty
Rating UL/cUL/CE
Time to Deliver 31-12-1969
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Compatible with Siemens PET
Factory wired to match imaging equipment and tested
Buffer Prevents Nuisance Tripping
UVR Automatically Shuts Down During Power Failure to Prevent Damage to System
Internally Derived 24VDC for Controls


  • Width: 16 inch
  • Height: 24 inch
  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Size: 6inchX16inchX24inch


Spec Sheet:
OEM SPECIFIC Nuisance Free Operation

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