90 Amp 480 Volt Equal to GE E4502SP
Catalog #NEA090AR/RTM
NEA090AR/RTM 90 Amp 480V Equal to GE E4502SP
Total no of product in stock 1
Voltage 480 VAC
Amps 90
Warranty 1 year factory warranty
Rating UL/cUL/CE
Time to Deliver 2 weeks
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Low Cost Alternate to GE E4502SP E4503SP, E4503AT
Compatible with GE Healthcare MR systems 90 Amp MRI with 20 Amp Shield Cooler Connection
Factory wired to match imaging equipment and tested
Labeled to conform with NFPA 99, NFPA-70, NEC 100, NEC 110-3, NEC660.5
Battery Free Auto Restart
Includes 2 Emergency Stop Buttons


  • Width: 24 inch
  • Height: 30 inch
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Size: 6inchX24inchX30inch


EQUAL TO GE E4502SP E4503SP E4503AT GE MRI Compatible

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