Physio Floor Pedestal
Physio Floor Pedestal
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Physio Floor Pedestal
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Compatible with Toshiba Cardiovascular X-ray Installations
The Nova Physio Floor Pedestal is compatible with floor mounted Cath Lab Equipment. Infinix/CF-i/BP, Infinix VC-I and related installations.
The proper floor pedestal can be identified in the Toshiba site planning drawings:
Electrical Planning Sheet E1: Table Detail: Physio Box 9W x 12"L x 8" H"
Constructed of 12 Gauge 304 formed Stainless Steel
Removeable Cover, and Sealed Service Openings


  • Width:inch
  • Height: inch
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Size: 12inchX9inchX8inch


Spec Sheet:
Stainless Steel Med Gas Servic Compatible with Toshiba Cath Lab installations

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